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Several New Information Items
By: Nicholas Williams - Mar. 25, 2017

First, please see my letter to Parents/Guardians and Students regarding Pride Spring Training 2017.

Please also see the flyer regarding our CHS Color Guard Fundraiser scheduled for April 1st.

A few photos from River to River Honor Band Festival are available here.

Our trailer remodel is finally done, completing our sponsorship truck/trailer remodel! Thank you to all the local business sponsors who helped our goal become a reality. The Carterville Band Boosters, students, and me (their director) sincerely appreciate it! A few photos are available here.

Next, I would like to congratulate all CHS music students on a very good day at IHSA Solo and Ensemble Contest on Saturday, March 4th. Band and Choir students received a majority of Division 1 Ratings (Superior), and Carterville High School came in 3rd in Sweepstakes points at the contest, while also finishing 6th in the State Sweepstakes Contest for IHSA Solo and Ensemble competition. Thank you to all parents and volunteers for making this contest such a great success! We could not have hosted without your help. Great work once again everyone!

And lastly, congratulations to our new Drum Majors Abby Null and Elizabeth Bush! They will begin their tenure in front of the Pride beginning next fall. Great job to all students who tried out. I am very proud of the leadership traits that many of our students possess in the program. This will definitely make the group better as a whole. Looking forward to getting started on the upcoming fall season!

SIU Jazz Festival
By: Nicholas Williams - Feb. 27, 2017

Congratulations to the CHS Concert Jazz Ensemble for a great performance at the SIU Jazz Festival this past weekend. The group earned an overall “Excellent” rating, including a Superior Rating from one of the three judges. Great work once again! - Mr. Williams

St. Louis Music in the Parks Festival
By: Nicholas Williams - Feb. 17, 2017

On Saturday April 8th, the CHS Symphonic Winds and Concert Jazz Ensemble will participate in a sponsored Music in the Parks festival in the St. Louis Metro area. More informaiton and a consent form is available here.

Lion Basketball Band
By: WebGuy - Feb. 15, 2017

A fun evening, and a good basketball game. A few photos are available here.

River-to-River Honor Symphonic and Jazz Band
By: Nicholas Williams - Feb. 9, 2017

Congratulations to the following students for making the River-to-River Honor Symphonic and Jazz Bands: Symphonic-Tabitha Koch (Flute), Neha Arun (Oboe), Elizabeth Bush (Tenor Saxophone), Abby Null (Baritone Saxophone), Brooklyn Hunsaker (Trumpet), Kate Crosby (Horn), Thomas Wood (Trombone), Marshall Brown (Euphonium), Charlie Hagan (Euphonium), Bailey Morgan (Percussion), and Ellen Fine (Percussion). Jazz-Makenzie Henton (Alto Saxophone), Will Levins (Trumpet), Isabel Cordero (Trombone), Ethan Tanner (Drum set), and Sheldon Griffith (Electric Guitar). Great work once again students for being selected! The festival will take place Thursday, March 2nd at Shryock Auditorium on the SIUC Campus. More information to come as we get closer to March 2nd.

Heartland Honor Band
By: Nicholas Williams - Feb. 9, 2017

A long but good weekend for the CHS Band program. Our students performed very well, representing CHS Bands at the 2017 Heartland Honor Band festival concert this past Saturday, February 4th. Great work students! A few photos are available here.

ILMEA All-State Concert
By: Nicholas Williams - Feb. 1, 2017

Words cannot describe how proud I am of these three students. Congratulations once again to Marshall (left), Thomas (middle), and Neha (right). Their performance this past Saturday (1/28/17) in the ILMEA All-State Concert was excellent! We had a great weekend at the Illinois Music Education Conference held in Peoria, Illinois. A few photos are available here.

Pride of the Lions Color Guard

Also, congratulations to our three Pride of the Lions Color Guard Co-Captains for the Fall 2017 seasons: Sarah Carter, Myka Gause, and Jordan Weihman. Great work once again ladies!

Heartland Honor Band Festival
By: Nicholas Williams - Jan. 11, 2017

Congratulations to the following CHS Band students for being selected to the 2017 Heartland Honor Band Festival! They will participate in the festival on the SIUC Campus Friday, February 3rd, and Saturday, February 4th. Music and more information to come once I receive it from SIU. - Mr. W

Honor Concert Band (Grades 9 and 10)
Neha Arun, Oboe
Elizabeth Bush, Tenor Saxophone
Hannah Craft, Flute
Sheldon Griffith, Tuba
Makenzie Henton, Alto Saxophone
Abby Null, Baritone Saxophone
Nicole Young, Clarinet
Honor Symphonic Band (Grades 11 and 12)
Marshall Brown, Euphonium (BC)
Kate Crosby, Horn
Brooklyn Hunsaker, Trumpet
Tabitha Koch, Flute
Will Levins, Trumpet
Bailey Morgan, Percussion
Thomas Wood, Trombone

Information for Parents and Students
By: Nicholas Williams - Jan. 11, 2017

Students, Parents, and Guardians, please review the following documents which contain information about upcoming events: IHSA Solo and Ensemble 2017,   CHS Bands Symphonic Winds Chair Placement Test for Spring 2017, and our Dine and Donate band fundraiser event.

Basketball Game
By: WebGuy - Dec 17, 2016

Whew.. that was a close one. The Lion Basketball Band plays at Friday night's game. Some concert photos are available here.

Winter Concert
By: WebGuy - Dec 13, 2016

What wonderful Winter Concert performances by the Carterville High School Symphonic Winds and Concert Jazz Ensemble. It seems that each year this concert gets better and better. Hoping everyone has a great holiday season. Some concert photos are available here.

ILMEA All-State Festival
By: Nicholas Williams - Dec 5, 2016

Congratulations to Neha Arun (Oboe-Band), Marshall Brown (Euphonium-Orchestra), and Thomas Wood (Trombone-Band) for being selected to the ILMEA All-State Festival in Peoria this coming January, 2017. This is a very high honor, one that only goes to the top 10% of music students in the state. We are very, very proud of you. Great work once again!!!

Lights Fantastic Parade
By: Nicholas Williams - Dec 3, 2016

Pride of the Lions band lights it up again at the Lights Fantastic Parade. Some Photos are here.

Fall Rehearsals
By: WebGuy - Nov 16, 2016

Preparations for the performances of the late fall season have begun. Seems like I recall someone saying 'lets try that again, one more time'. Some photos of the Symphonic Winds rehearsal are here, and photos from the Concert Jazz Ensemble rehearsal are here.

Effingham Marching Invitational
By: Nicholas Williams - Oct 24, 2016

Congratulations to the Pride for their final fall season performance at the Effingham Marching Invitational. They placed 2nd in Class 4A and won Best Overall General Effect Class 4A. Out of 14 bands in the small class division, they were in the top 4. I cannot say enough thank you’s to everyone involved in this season. Parents, staff, and students were amazing. I am so proud to be associated with such a professional, hard working group of people!

A few photos are here.

SIU Music in Motion
By: Nicholas Williams - Oct 17, 2016

Wow, what a performance and what a class of truly great bands. First, congrats to all bands who performed in the stacked Class B at SIU Music and Motion. Second, congrats to the Pride of the Lions for placing 3rd in their class with a score of 79.85!

A few photos are here.

Pride of the Lions Night
By: Nicholas Williams - October 12, 2016

A free showing of this year's wonderful field show "Crescent City" will be presented at 7pm on October 20th. The show will be preceded by a BBQ Dinner (5:30pm to 7pm) for a contribution of $7.00. See our event flyer here.

Saturday's Band Competitions
By: Nicholas Williams - October 9, 2016

What a day! 1st Place Class AAA, Best Percussion Class AAA, and the "Miss D” Overall Crowd Appeal Award regardless of Class at the Newton Band Classic. 3rd Place Class AA and Best Drum Major (Congrats Bailey and Austin) at the Robinson competition. Very proud of these kids. On to SIU next weekend. Go Pride!

Eastern Illinois Marching Band Competition
By: Nicholas Williams - October 3, 2016

One very proud band director here. Pride of the Lions finished in the top 5 this past Saturday in their class, top 3 in music, and gave their best performance of the fall. We are young, but I love seeing the growth in these students each week. Congrats to everyone on a very successful day at EIU!

The Honor Band of Southern Illinois
By: Nicholas Williams - September 8, 2016

This honor band provides an additional band experience for 8th through 12th graders in area schools. This ensemble will take on advanced literature and travel to a competition in late spring or early summer. More information is available HERE and HERE.

Welcome Band Students
By: Nicholas Williams - Aug, 19 2016

Lets all have another great year.